Where it all began....
Amanda and her husband Luiz, while taking a photo while on vacation in Punta Cana, recorded the passage of a possible meteor. The next year, in 2013, without realizing it, she was already determined to do her master's degree on meteorites. was it a sign or not?

Punta Cana - Dominican Republic - São Domingos Island
Lunch with experts from Hawaii
Lunch with Gary Huss, Klaus Keil and Mike Garcia.

Honolulu - HI - USA
Meeting the sister of EPMA/UFRJ
Amanda meeting the Electron Probe Micro-Analyzer (EPMA) Jeol JXA8230 at the University of Hawaii. This is the same model that she works at Labsonda.

Honolulu - HI - USA
At the EPMA Laboratory in Hawaii
Amanda next to the lab coordinator, Mike Garcia, and Beth next to our host Klaus Keil.

Honolulu - HI - USA
Visiting Gary Huss's laboratory
Honolulu - HI - USA
Knowing the Huss`meteorites
Gary Huss is the grandson of Harvey Nininger (1887-1986), who is considered the greatest meteorite collector in the world and the father of meteoritic science. Pictures of his two museums are ahead and on the links you can find more information about this important professor and scientist of the meteorites.

Honolulu - HI - USA
Dinner at Klaus and Linde's house
We were welcomed by this fantastic couple, Klaus and Linde, who prepared a wonderful and special dinner for this Brazilian group ... and entitled to vodka, beer and caipirinha.

Honolulu - HI - USA
Knowing the beauties of Hawaii
Klaus Keil took us to visit the island of Oahu and we stopped for lunch at Turtle Bay Resort.

O'ahu Island - HI - USA
Hawaii farewell dinner
Our farewell to those incredible days in Hawaii. Best of all, during dinner I heard stories of those who lived the moment of man stepping on the moon. Klaus was NASA's chief scientist, responsible for analyzing the samples of the lunar soil. He met astronauts, like Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on our natural satellite.

Honolulu - HI - USA
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Lunch with experts from Hawaii

Lunch with Gary Huss, Klaus Keil and Mike Garcia. Honolulu - HI - USA